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I'm so honored that you're here because I love connecting as much as I love breathing. I've been blogging at the Pink Coyote for seven years, and in that time, I've opened an Etsy store to share my art, shown my work in galleries around the nation, become an author, began teaching at some of the best art retreats in the country, and birthed two babies: Miles and Ivy, who are presently enjoying their outdoor version of education outside of the box.

I also birthed SouLodge, which was created specifically as a virtual space for women to experience the beauty and breakthroughs that sitting in safe circle can bring. It serves as a sacred space to do the soulwork that so many of us are called to do when the beckoning to mature into full feathers is can be felt.

I've incorporated the creative process into the teachings in the Lodge because the spiritual life and the artful life often blur together and dance as their own entities-this is the work of Women: to allow creativity and *knowing* to flow freely in and out of us and through our children and next generations.

My mission with SouLodge is to spread seeds of love, growth, humor and health for traveling this awakened, healing path.

These are my offerings to the Women who gather here, to make medicine and join hands in a movement of powerful feminine energy, taking a moment to lay down our swords, engage our intuition, and explore the frontiers of possibility right at our edges in order to release the old skins, shed the boxes, and humbly accept our awesomeness. It is here that we can embrace our confidence, and live with reverence on this Earth.

I'm so grateful for you to know me this way, and for the opportunity to know that this sacredness is in you, too.

Come howl with me.