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Pixie - Thank you!!!! Winter will work into my schedule much better :)



Sweet Pixie Lady!
I have signed up, I am in! So super excited to do this work with you and be able to spend more time with you.
I already had a crazy dream with a fluffy red fox in it! I had read your dream about the fox that day. Interesting!!


just signed up for october session! :)

Tina {Sweet On Design}

The Eagle bundle that you sent me along with those beautiful post cards have all been incredible to work with. I cannot imagine what a whole workshop with you will be like! Super excited for the Autumn Session of SouLodge.. I think it will be just what the doctor (or the Eagle or the Red Tailed Hawk) ordered.

Much Love,


This offering is syncronycity at it's finest - I am so looking forward to meeting, receiving, and sharing. Thank you for your generous offering.


I made it! So looking forward to this as I turn over another year in November. I am still working on a lot of what came up as the dust whirled around, and am interested to see what becomes of that whirlwind and what settles.

Pixie Campbell

So excited to have you back, Kat! xoxoxo

Pixie Campbell



So excited to share this adventure with you!!

Pixie Campbell

Me, too! Sisterhood of the Traveling Medicine Wheel ;)


pixie... your gifts leave me speechless..


I'm feeling such a pull to do this. <3 to you for creating it.

Pixie Campbell

333 to YOU for feeling the call...


Oh! I am asking for my "name to be put in the basket"... I am always so inspired by your words and wondrous ways Pixie and SO would love to be part of the SouLodge but cannot swing it on my budget right now... I would be so grateful to have a little more clarity in this moment and embrace the wild woman within! Thanks for the generous opportunity!!!


I would SO love to join you in this magical experience that will happen right when I need it most.
But unfortunately, after counting my pennies, I don't think I could afford it this time. Maybe the winter edition then.

You are such a gift, Pixie. I hope you know that <3


I'm putting my name in for the drawing!!! I Hope I get picked!



Stacie Pantages

Hi my precious Pixie..saw your post about a giveaway for Soulodge. I would love to have my name thrown in the pot if possible. I'm not sure if this is where I post regarding this awesome Thanks & love you. Stacie


Oo! Oo! Oo! :D
October 24th is my birthday! I would love, love, love to to win one of the free seats! That would be a magnificent birthday present! :D

Hope you're doing well, Pixie & Co!

Luff & Otter Wiggles,



What an amazing gift this would be....

BillieKay White

This sounds wonderful!


Oh, how I wish I could take part in this! I've been reading and dreaming about it for some time now. I just saw Pixie's FB post about a 24-hour giveaway so I thought I'd put my name in the ring. (crossing fingers) I wish everyone involved a beautiful experience and I think the incredible woman who has made the giveaway possible! Many blessings to you all!

P.S. I shared the link on FB and tweeted it as well.


For one of those 2 spots in the lodge...

i wish the ink could be felt * tasted
~ a moment ~ a second ~ to fall ~
~ to float ~ to see ~
u become all seasons ~ i a tree * rooted in your presence
i the wind, caressing your petals
i feel more & less human around u all @ once
realizing that the sun rises & the sun sets together
illusions * opposites becoming one
this place becomes space & i the nooks between the seeds *
the dirt beneath rocks
no word created is worthy of your beauty
language cannot caress skin
nor make my heart ebb like an ocean
as your eyes accomplish in one glance
u the moon which shimmering * dancing * skimming *
the buckled surface
i give up form, for the cool lunar LIGHT
* evaporate * free to float towards u
only to gather as rain & plummet back to earth
carrying the memory of color
of seconds infinitely expanding & contracting

Ellen Bulterman

Pixie, thanks so much for the email -- I'm in! I've never taken an online session before so this is a little out of my comfort zone, but I am really excited and looking forward to it!

Michelle Shopped

yay, it's on my soulstice list -- so glad you have more seasons available -- i think winter's gonna be mine as i go deep and resurface for spring...and i love that you're doing sacred crafting (for some reason, this fidgety woman can't stay with paint for very long -- although i do love ink!) the meantime, i'm reading up on my druidry and the celtic spirituality path and tools that parallels this one so much -- very cool! xo

Toya Alive

Can you please send me some information. would love to join for a winter session. :) Thanks

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