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I am so INNNNNN! (Is that an echo in the room?) Perhaps I have jumped the wagon and am first on board? Thank you, Pixie, I am gratefully and graciously awaiting this. So very, very excited. Eeeek!


this is so exciting Pixie
I am so sad to say I will not be able to partake of this session
but I pray for great success with this one so you will host another!
love and light

Karen D

Me too.. I'm in!


I adore you


Thank you, all. It's sure to be a magical experience of a deep, feminine sort.



Pixie Campbell

Woo hoooo Sarah! Welcome in!


I've never done an e-course before but this one sounds so exciting I couldn't resist!

Pixie Campbell

Awrooooooooooo! Anne-Marie!


Can't wait! xoxo

Pixie Campbell

I cant wait to have you in the Lodge, sister!


Looking forward to this SO much!


Pixie~ Is there a deadline for signing up for the course? I may need to wait til fairly close to the start date,but I didn't want to risk not getting in. Thanks, mama~ I have felt super strong about dojng this ever since I first read about it..I'm eager and ready!

Pixie Campbell


There isnt a deadline, but there are ten spots left. Ive limited the number of participants so that I can manage to give each of you the attention you deserve.
I hope youll be able to make it!


Yay Pixie! This is perfect! Just signed up. Can't wait!!! Xo

Pixie Campbell

Tifanie! Yippppeee! Yip! Yip!

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Pixie, I have come to this path late in life, but I am so glad for your offering. I am anxious to begin.

Pixie Campbell

Waking up always comes at the perfect time! Im so happy to have you in the Lodge, sister!


Hi Pixie,
Are there still places? I was going to wait to sign up next weekend, but don't want to be so late that I miss the party!
Will there be lots of opportunities to do artwork???

Pixie Campbell

Hi Karen,

There are still a couple of spots left. We wont be doing much artwork, but we will be doing some sacred crafting. I hope to see you there!


Kim Wright

This might be a stretch but Im going to ask anyway..... I was traveling thru New Mexico last week and tried several times to buy the class but with sketchy internet service it never worked. Got home late last night and fell into bed.....any chance you still maybe could let me in?!!
Thanks, Kim

If not, no worries, I'll catch the next class.

Kim Wright

Thanks Pixie for the email.....(I'm in!!!) and can't wait for what is to happen within Lodge!!

Laura Emily

Yay! I'm doing the Autumn session! I just recently received the postcard set I ordered from you- and by gosh. I had the sniffles by the time I was unwrapping the bag. Thank. You. So. Much. They are exactly what my soul needed right now. I pretty much knew when I was flipping through the deck that I needed to set up camp in the Soulodge. I'm am looking forward to the Autumn session to begin!


Will you do this again? I really really want to do it!!! But my class funds are going to Serendipity for the next couple months. I might be able to fund a winter class if it's available.

Pixie Campbell


At the moment, I have all four seasons in mind for SouLodge. So yes, Id love to see you there for the Winter Session!

Many blessings! I cant wait to meet you at Serendipity!


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