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I have so enjoyed the Autumn is just what my Spirit needed! I am signed up for the year....I can't wait to see what growth is to come in 2012! Thank you so much Pixie for this wonderful circle of women!

Pixie Campbell

Yay, Celia! I feel like I get to *have* you all year!! What a gift!


Your blog beautiful! The article is also very good it! How are you so talented! Just listened.


I don't really know much about you Pixie, or what this SouLodge entails, but I have this inherent trust that you will lead me to something special, something I'm searching for. It's very unlike me to jump into something without researching it to death, but I just signed up for your Winter session after finding you through SouleMama's blog. I'm pregnant with my 2nd child, due in March, and feel like I need to focus some on the spiritual gestating and birth, not just the physical reality of this child coming into being. Thanks for offering this opportunity to connect!


Oh no!!! Is there really no more space?? Well, if it is so, I hope to join you in the Spring. Blessings on this SouLodge everyone. :) And Happy Beautiful New Year.


This seeker has signed up for the Spring 2012 Soulodge....I'm looking forward to joining the energy of this group!


Pixie, I have signed up and I have a friend whom Baba Yaga and I were telling about Soulodge. When she realized you were Pink Coyote she wanted in - she was just telling me how she needs to access her intuition. so I hope you have room for Mary and I will try to remind her to register but she is travelling at the moment and not home for another week.


Pixie do you have your dates for you Autumn session?
thinking that is the next one for me....

Love and Light


do you know your dates for Autumn Lodge 2012
I am interested in signing up for that session....

please let me know

Love and Light


Okay, so once on my google plus page, twice on facebook and once on my biz page, once on twitter and now on my blog!

Renee - One Who Gathers Tribes

I AM Renee... One Who Gathers Tribes. I look forward to meeting all of you in the class and journeying, sharing, learning and creating in this environment.

I love the way the Universe works... Pixie, Coyote brought you to me this morning, the little trickster she is, wild like us, love it!

Namaste, Love and Light!

jeu la roulette

Done with the registration...looking forward to learn new things.

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